Black eyes

New week, new look on the blog. An all-black outfit, basketball and a big vest, shot in the typical streets of the Basket. At the beginning of this week I am back in Paris for work when WhosNext. So, it is an immortalized outfit just before my departure that I propose to you today. A new look, casual and all black. Once again, I like my pair of converse all-star, basics of my shoesing. No big news, jean destroy, maxi vest found on sale at Zara's and khaki bag. As for accessories, I flashed on this pair of Arsene Paris sunglasses found at Urban Optic. An optician who can find promising young designers, so that he doesn't have the same binoculars as everyone else. Black, blacker, blacker, blacker. Matched my mood, I must say that lately I've been disappointed a lot! Professional, lack of recognition or even respect, but also friendly (it must be said that the two are often linked.). I've done some sorting, a big cleaning and spread the parasites. What do you expect, I've decided to stop taking jerks for people? With these wise words I wish you a good recovery, I'm going to enjoy Paris with my girlfriends!
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