Tips and products to master eyelash extension techniques

eyelash extension techniques
But it is often one of the hardest skills to pull off. Applying extensions involves a lot more than just entering lash training programs. You must also master the best lash extension materials to use and how to use them. The website provides the best insight on how you can ensure a successful eyelash extension. Ensure that you create and apply volume fans and take some serious time to practice and perfect your skills. The following tips and tricks should help to polish your skills and enable you to wow your clients.

Separating Extensions

Always ensure that no two extensions or natural eyelashes are stuck together. You can separate any entangled extensions from their neighboring lashes using both sets of tweezers. Grasp the entangled extensions and horizontally separate them. It is, however, best to do this when the adhesive is still dry but not fully cured. You must never pull a vertical direction while separating the tweezers or place tension on natural eyelashes. Repeat this process until every natural eyelash is bonded properly.

Applying the Adhesive

The adhesive must be dry before you continue applying it. This is one of the main reasons why lash extensions stick and clump together. Ensure, therefore, that the adhesive is fully dry and has enough time to bond with the isolated lashes firmly. Once adhered, hold your extensions in place for a few seconds before you release it from the tweezer’s grip. You can also further ensure that all the glue has adhered, you can also go back and forth between your client’s eyes. As such, you will be applying for an extension onto the already isolated eyelashes.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right lash extension products also play a huge part in the success of your extension technique. Seeking out inexpensive options might not do you any favors. For instance, why use flimsy, cheap tweezers while trying to save a few bucks that don’t have a solid grip on your extensions. Cheap eyelash extension tools also make it extremely difficult to isolate lashes properly. The best you can do is to research the best products that have the best reviews and invest in the best options in the market. For example, under-eye stickers are critical eyelash extensions products that you can use to ensure a successful extension process. You must, however, remember not to place the under-eye sticker too close to the eye. Place the stickers over the lower lashes. 3-4 millimeters from the eye should do it. Once applied, you can check the lids to ensure that both lids form a seal without any gaps.

Practice as Many Times as Possible

Practicing on mannequins is excellent when training to isolate lash extensions. But practicing on a live model is a lot more complicated. Real people’s eyes, for instance, twitch and move around when being worked on, unlike mannequins. The natural eyelashes of real people also come in different sizes and colors, which makes working on them even trickier. Therefore, the more live models that you can practice on, the more experienced you will be. It may also be best that you try not to rush the progress. Applying the right lash extensions is a delicate process, and needs to be handled with a lot of care. You should not force the process and keep practicing consistently and use the best tools in the market. You can be an isolation superstar if you manage to utilize resources available to you effectively. There are many lash extensions programs and online training courses that you can use to ensure that you succeed in the process.
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