When to do a pregnancy test?

Becoming a parent: you dream about it... But before you have the little love ball in your hands, you have it in your stomach and you don't want to miss anything about its development from its conception to its release from the best incubator that is your mother's stomach. Also, we want to know as soon as possible if the dream will finally come true or do, we have to wait until the following month to try again... The pregnancy test is the "test" where we don't need to succeed but just do it correctly. So, when is the best time to have a reliable result? At what time of day should it be done and why? Then, what to do and what not to do when you do a pregnancy test.

Let's start with the ideal time for the pregnancy test....

We wonder "when to do a pregnancy test": whether we have chosen to do a blood or urine pregnancy test, the ideal time is the same to have the most reliable result. Knowing if you're going to have a child can be exciting as it can be scary. The reaction depends on the circumstance. For example, a urinary pregnancy test can be performed after a few days of delayed menstruation, but a urinary pregnancy test is ideal after a five-day menstrual delay.

Which time of day is best?

It is advisable to do the pregnancy test when you wake up in the morning because it is at this time that the urine is concentrated in the hormone detected by the test. On the other hand, if you choose to have the pregnancy test at night, you should avoid drinking a lot of fluids so that the hormone is concentrated enough for the test. Also, you need to have a good test, www.mybubelly.com/

What should I do when I do a pregnancy test?

It is important to avoid having a pregnancy test, whether a blood or urine pregnancy test, much too early. A pregnancy test detects a hormone known as HCG or Chorionic Hormone Gonadotropin. The residue of this hormone is the stimulant of the classic or urinary pregnancy test. If the test is done too early, the foetus will not yet secrete this hormone and there will be a false negative, i.e. the test will indicate that you are not pregnant while the HCG hormone is not yet enough to stimulate the test. The urinary pregnancy test is as reliable as it is fast. The answer to the waiting time is less than 5 minutes (usually 3 minutes, but if the test is done with the first morning urine, the sign appears from the second minute onwards). In addition, this test is completely painless for those who do not want to inject. However, the blood test offers one to two days in advance but a few hours of waiting between the blood test and the result, which is very reliable after these few days of late periods.
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