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This title was an obvious one, don't worry, I'm not trading my pumps for a nun's dress, although the look of the day is in black & white!!!! No, I chose it because I shot this post at the Monastery of la Servianne. The view on Marseille is incredible, one of these secret and hidden places that I love to discover to share them with you. I guess you've all scoured the stores and filled your cupboards, I've been reasonable on my part, I've got a lot of things I haven't had a chance to show you yet, and I'm saving my money for other projects.... I fell in love with a few basics, and little nuggets like this T-shirt I found at Pimkie's. Simple and funny I found it nice, and then it fits with my Girl-Power* spirit of the moment 🙂 (*Expression forbidden since the fall of the Spice-Girl in 1999.) A relaxed, simple and effective combo, when the program of the day does not allow to play the Cinderella in 12 heels it is better to opt for comfortable, basic and 1 or 2 strong pieces the hat brings fun by its shifted side. A refined silhouette with sharp accessories. Here I am, I thought I was Christina tonight, it was the minute "Maaaaa darling it's magnifyyyyyque" Sorry I get lost, I go and wish you a good weekend, mine will be eventful and watered ^^^ I kiss you girlz!!!!
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