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I spent my weekend in Paris, enjoying my brother and meeting up with friends. A stay a little ruined because I caught a big cold that tired me out. I still enjoyed the Capital, ate some great tapas, went to an ultra-hip party at Maxim's and spent the whole Sunday at Mickey's with my bro. Even if I couldn't enjoy it as I would have liked, I had some intense moments and I came back pumped up. I know I'm less regular around here but the next few weeks look less busy so I'm going to have a little more time to blog 😉 Let's talk about Fashion, which says Parisian, and even if as a girl from the South I'm fighting against this cliché of Superiority claimed by the fashionistas of the Capital, we have to admit that here fashion is displayed everywhere. The quantity of sharp looks per m² is impressive and exhilarating. As a result, I was able to dare to wear more elaborate outfits, such as the one I am presenting to you today. Very urban, dark and feminine at the same time. I borrowed this Zara sweatshirt from my brother (yes yes it is stylish the little one!!!), the oversized cut and the hood give a singular look, and then with the drizzle that was there that day I was able to keep my hair dry, practical 😉 A total black outfit with a punchy touch given by the fluo pocket shopped on sale at our Swedish friend's for 5€!!! (this is not a misleading advertisement!!!!! ) I let you discover the photos, taken just a stone's throw from the Elysée Palace. Have a good week, darlings 🙂
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