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Hello, little darlings!!!!!!! No looks today but a presentation of the new co and especially their new concept. Every 6 months, the low-cost brand invites a handful of fashion bloggers to come and discover the new trends of the season. Happy Colors parties are moments we all expect, well yes we meet people we don't have the opportunity to see as much as we would like, we are delighted to see the store team again, we have a great time and moreover we leave with lots of nice things to show you. You know I don't miss any of these meetings, but this year unfortunately my schedule has prevented me from attending, I arrived at the end of the festivities... Nevertheless, I had the privilege of having a guided tour of the store, yes, ma'am, just for me. The opportunity to get a good slap, because visually the store is unrecognizable. Hundreds of square meters marked out by brightly coloured signs, and increasingly sharp silhouettes. The store really evolved, and left behind it the big surface image, impersonal, and somewhat messy, which often made us pass by nice pieces, because they were not highlighted. Concrete on the ground, giant screens, shelves organized according to trends and offers a clear and clear shopping experience. Kiabi has been making this shift for several months now, and as a blogger I was lucky enough to be able to see this change and share it with you. The men's department has been transformed, and has added some very pretty things, a sports department has been created on both sides and the lingerie has become a real specialized space. A nice evolution, successful without losing the quality of this brand more than affordable, I have already added a few pieces in my dressing room, which I will soon show you. In the meantime I let you discover this change in image and invite you once again to push the doors of your nearest Kiabi and let yourself be surprised by brands in which you do not necessarily go shopping, because I guarantee you, it is by taking these kinds of small risks that we make great finds! I would still like to say a big thank you to the Aubagne store team and its director, who once again welcomed us like princesses, and it is a real pleasure to meet them again at each new edition. Kisses and see you soon for a new look
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