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Hello, new week, new article. Since your house, and more precisely your bed will never seem as cozy as on a Monday morning, on this weekly mourning day I propose you a special decoration post. And not just any decoration, let's stay trendy, please we're on a fashion blog; the Scandinavian-inspired decoration.   Praised by the northerners, taken up by fashionistas and other girly addicts, this trend has flooded pinterest and instagram. As a result, we also want a minimalist and soft decoration for our apartment, yes, even I who swear only by the all-white, I melt in front of the graphic prints, wooden furniture and mug in culcul colours. As darling and I are moving, AGAIN, I am looking for ideas to beautify our future nest, and my choice is obviously for objects with a northern design. SHEEP!!!   A few basic notions, we prefer natural, rather cold colour ranges by opting for blue, white and a whole range of grey, a few pastel touches are allowed or even recommended to avoid that your apartment looks like a sanitized model house. Wood is in the spotlight, raw and preferably light, we will fall in love with minimalist, and partially coloured furniture. On the "decoration" side, we let loose on the cute things, understand all the objects that your man finds ridiculous and / or useless, crack on this little ceramic rabbit, the owl cushion or even this wooden candle that you shouldn't light! But beware accumulation is here the enemy of good taste, the key word is minimalism and simplicity, we decorate yes but we do not overload. Sleek design, sober colors, as for a look, we start from a simple base and accessorize.   1 - Miliboo coffee table   2 - Esprit Nordik shelf   3- Ikea Geometric Carpet   4- House of the World Plate   5- Metal basket Esprit Nordik   6- Esprit Nordik paper posters   7 - Maison du Monde glass candles   8 - Maison du Monde coffee tables
Cold weather look
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