The benefits of natural stone jewelry

natural stone jewelry

The use of ornaments, especially to women has undergone various transformations. Such indulgence is designed to bring out the outward beauty and class, for appearance sake. The same can be said about men, but the ornaments they wear will only show a commitment, compliment the look and show a sense of class. Of all the jewellery, those made from natural stones are the most valued, thanks to their originality, shelf life and representation. Some of these gemstones include the Rose Quartz, Pearl, Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst and moonstone. Their history dates back to ancient times when royalties were associated with such ornaments. They were a measure of class, opulence and privilege.

Measure of Class

The royalty and those of high social status wore ornaments made from gemstones. The stones were hard to find, and the ability to have them transformed into beautiful jewellery was a show of might. Queens and princesses were the centres of attraction, as these ornaments complemented their beauty. They came in different colours to not only match their outfits but also represent their mood and what they stood for.

One of such stones is Citrine. It has shades of gold, a colour associated with the high and mighty in society. This stone represented self-confidence, life enjoyment, mental strength, problem-solving ability and emotional clarity. Crystal Quartz shares the same traits as Citrine, although it silvery in colour. Those who preferred it were said to have pure hearts, positive thoughts, wisdom and good intentions. Other stones in this category are Jade (green in colour to show compassion), Labradorite (purplish to represent mystic wisdom and calmness) and Lapis Lazuli (purplish-blue to show enlightenment and the obsession for the truth)

Health Benefits

Most stone ornaments are still used for this purpose. Its usage touches on mental health, spiritual activity, therapeutic and physiological disorders. This was used during ancient civilisations and it has grown to be absorbed by modern liberals. The stone properties and chemical compositions are responsible for these healing when they come in contact with the body. There are different natural stones used for different healings.

Rose Quartz gemstones were used to heal heartaches. Its gentleness and the soothing appeal was enough to wear out a troubled heart. It was worn around the neck where the stone would rest around the heart for the magic touch. Natural stone jewellery made from pearl, amethyst and citrine have relaxation effects which are essential for the nervous system. It helps soothe pain, sleeping problems and enhancing positive energies. Amber also serves the same purpose with emphasis on treating headaches, stress relief, soul purification and boosting self-confidence.


The stones help with psychological body functions responsible for perceptions. They act as litho therapy to the human mind and soul to enhance moods and enrich the general feeling of the person wearing it. Its usage is a combination of intuition, social history and research. Intuition is based on the stone’s appearance. Colour is mind-soothing which is a body self-check. Society had beliefs which associated human moods to certain occurrences in life. If one had to wear a certain stone ornament, the normal bodily function would be restored. Medical research has it that, a chemical reaction from these stone properties changed body physiological processes.

Agate stone made the wearer feel confident, brave, strong and lovely. Aquamarine’s blue colour is associated with calmness. The ornament was used as a soothing tool, peace and self-confidence. Another gemstone in this cluster is the carnelian, a burgundy coloured stone, which was the symbol of boldness, personal power, motivation and emotional warmth.

Representation of a Person

There are other ornaments which have no physiological advantages but have visual value. The users of such natural stone jewellery use specific stone ornaments purely because they match their outfits or possess the person’s favourite colour. Therefore any ornaments which have lady-like colours are chosen. Preference is made to ornaments in blue, golden, silver, purplish, green, maroon and multi-coloured. Earrings, rings and necklaces made from any of the colour mentioned above are worn to compliment the colour of the dress. Using this analogy, the colour speaks of who the wearer is.

Commonly used stone ornaments, in this case, are amber, shungite, carnelian, garnet, pearl, aquamarine and jade. Their attractive colours are irresistible. Another advantage is that the colour comes naturally and cannot fade as other manufactured ornaments.

What to Take Home

Everything done by a human being has a meaning; aesthetic, figurative or physiological. The stone virtues in the ornaments are all tied to these factors. Jewellery dealers who understand the intrinsic value of the natural stone jewellery use the knowledge to value their products. If a customer buys an earring because of the colour, the seller is obliged to share the ingredients of the ornament, and why it is more useful than being just an ornament.

Also worth noting, precious stones are beautiful. The colours are a pure blend and a guarantee. They can be moulded into different forms and shapes, and fitted on any ornament of choice. More importantly, they are second to none.

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