In the arena

Now I feel like a gladiator's soul, I take up one by one the challenges that life puts on my path, and I'm doing well I feel! I told you there have been a lot of new things in my life, new job, new apartment, new personal projects and bloggo, in short, I'm playing warrior, and my wardrobe is suffering. I gradually replace my sneakers with high heels, and trade my vests for blazers, a more feminine silhouette. At the slightest ray of sunshine, I draw shorts and sandals, that I like the sweetness of the south... So I took advantage of this short but pleasant weekend to shoot the first look of the week, not too far from home not to push it still full of boxes to unpack ^^^ The opportunity to present you these sublime spartan sandals with heels shopped at mini price on, views on all the podiums, this is the fashion part of this season. The only problem is that it is not always easy to wear! To avoid the cliché of the old crate, I wear large destroying jeans shorts and a loose t-shirt, two essential basics. To give a folk side to this outfit we accessorize with pretty ethnic jewellery and a funky cover. A fashionable and easy outfit, the key once again to sobriety with such a strong piece we avoid overloading the rest of the outfit, less is more!
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