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A country look shot this weekend in the Luberon, yes, I am very rural, straw bale coughs coughs!!! The opportunity to introduce you to my latest wonder, this pair of boots. A madness that is not a madness since I made them myself! Yes, ma'am!!!!! I had fallen in love with this type of boots that I discovered on the net, you can find them at Feather Junkie, an American brand, or at Ginger Wild Boots, the equivalent of Marseille, which produces unique pieces. Not necessarily having great means I snooped on the canvas to find the DIY. Basically, a pair of used santiag, two, three supplies and a good evening off to make them. In the end this pair cost me 35€, shoes included, I found it on the right corner, for the Mondial fabrics fabrics or the clothes, feathers and pearls at Cultura. I leave you a tuto found on youtube if you want to try to make a pair 😉 As these boots are loaded, they are sufficient on their own, no need for an unusual outfit, you have to privilege simplicity, so a soft look with fantastic boots!
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