Cat reporter at the Acontraluz festival

This weekend in Marseille was held the musical event of the new school year, the Acontraluz electro festival. For this first edition, the greatest DJs gathered on the esplanade of Mucem, the cultural centre of the Phocaean city. I was lucky enough to be invited and assigned the mission of #Catfestivalreporter, to take you with me to the heart of the evening via social networks. Indeed the Acontraluz festival had as a fashion partner the famous brand Caterpillar well known for its grunge boots with a construction spirit. Moreover, what better way than a pair of Caterpillar black boots to keep up all night on your feet to the rhythm of frantic music! Impossible to decline such an invitation, Acontraluz this weekend it was a bit the place to be, the Save the date noted in red on our agendas!!!! And then it's the opportunity to reconnect with Caterpillar, a burning symbol of my teenage rock and rebellion 🙂 So I took the opportunity to make myself look like a so rock festival girl and I'm waiting for your opinions. The brand with the yellow logo has therefore invested part of the festival to present the models of the new collection and to organize a photo call in the form of a giant selfie. So, it's equipped with my iPhone (yes this explains the quality of the pictures, and no I don't take my reflex during the parties that's it!). A pure event like it is missing in Marseille, and for this first edition there is nothing to complain about, we have taken a lot of ears and eyes full of it. The music and artists were just huge, Infinity Ink, Brodinski, Joris Delacroix or Fritz Kalkbrenner, to name but a few, the atmosphere was good and the welcome and security perfect. In short, nothing to say, something rare when it comes to events in Marseille, except a big thank you and look forward to seeing you next year!!!! I leave you with some pictures taken in the middle of madness to share with you this weekend
Scandinavian decoration
Cold weather look

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