New stylistic obsession this season? The hat!!!!! The first symptoms appeared last winter with the cups. Suddenly I didn't go out without my hair, and now it's the Borsalino hat that makes me fall for it. Named after the Italian hatmaker Giuseppe Borsalino, but this hat is also called Fedora. So that's it for culture (well, maybe we can put the info back into a conversation!!!!) So, I went looking for a nice, easy hat. I started my quest for the Grail at H&M, Zara and other New-Look, which have some very nice ones, but it never went well. Either there wasn't my size, or not the model, or the embellishments... in short, nothing. And then during my stay in Paris, I came across a small local hatter. I try to explain to the nice gentleman what I'm looking for, (Well, yes, ma'am, that's how I knew it was called a Borsalinooooo!!!!), and neither one nor two he finds me THE perfect hat!!! The beginning of a long collection 🙂 I find that this is the kind of accessory that immediately gives a simple silhouette a spicy look and feel at the base, and then I like folks and bohemian looks so much that it's just my favorite this season. What about you, follower? Have a good week, darlings.
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