How to wear braids glued on short hair?

Are you interested in glued braids, but do you have short hair? Don't worry, you can wear them proudly thanks to the various tips given to you in this guide. It should be noted that glued mats are currently very trendy. Afro hairstyles of this type are more fashionable than ever. Braids glued on short hair: between the casual and the chic version The glued braids are worn day and night. During the day, opt for a casual version by adopting what is called side hair. It is a matter of braiding the hair only on one side of the head. It's trendy, it's fresh and it suits everyone. The number of mats glued will then depend on the thickness of your hair and the fineness of each mat. Several styles are possible if you choose several braids glued inside hair: The mats that start from the same point and start at the "point" so that all the braids form a kind of half star at the end. "Half-tail" mats, i. e. braids that stop at half the skull (but not up to the neck) Fuzzy mats that are not very tight. This is quite difficult to achieve and maintain on short hair, but it will be enough to use certain tricks, for example the use of pliers. Choose something more elegant for an evening or special event. Why not make a crown, for example? The length of the hair is not a problem since it is gradually integrated into the braid. In any case, making the braids yourself is very tempting given all the tutorials you can find on the internet. However, African hair specialists can be used for optimal results, especially to ensure that the braids hold well. Think about it especially if you plan to wear your braids for a special occasion. It would be a shame if your hair style were to come off after a few hours. Braids glued on short hair: small braids hold better Braids are easier to make and hold better on long hair, but that's no reason to do without them even if you have short hair. On short hair, small braids last longer. Indeed, hair knots better when the braids are thin. They therefore stay in place longer. But the thinner the braids, the more time they take to make. Think about it before you braid your hair yourself. Patience and arm strength will be required. Also, in order to hold them, why not try the extensions? These accessories allow you to literally change your head, with the mats glued together as desired and a length of hair to hold them. Moreover, the brands compete in ingenuity and offer extensions for all hair types. You will have no trouble finding the extensions you need, regardless of your hair colour and nature. It should also be noted that glued braids are not only compatible with wavy or frizzy hair. Those with fine hair can also adopt this style of hairdressing. Are you lacking inspiration? Click here and discover many models of glued braids to make on short hair. Farewell to the preconceived ideas that braids are only possible for those with long hair. The glued braids are perfect for short hair. All you need to do is to use some practical and effective tips. Be careful, braids can "attack" the hair if you are not careful. Do not keep them too long and do a nourishing care before braiding. Find many healing ideas on women's blogs like Soso And Co.
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