Yesterday, the fashion world vibrated, Primark, the Irish giant, opened its first French store in Marseille. It was the event of this end of year, not to be missed under any circumstances! You don't know the sign? you live at the bottom of a cave!!!!to locate the thing for you, imagine H&M and Top Shop, and divide the prices by two (yes I exaggerate a little, though...). Before, it was necessary to wait for a hypothetical trip across the sleeve or a trip to Spain, to rob the brand's magical and magical shelves. Today, the dream becomes reality and it is in the heart of the Phocaean city that the object of all our fantasies comes to life. When the news came in, we were all impatient, and I had already blocked my day. But the God of Fashion heard my prayers, and I received an invitation for the inauguration. We arrived at 10am at the Grand Littoral shopping centre, we were welcomed like princesses, with a superb breakfast. Message received; we're going to need some strength for the rest of the morning. We each received a tote bag, containing the catalogue of the new co, a DVD containing the history of the brand and a voucher to please us, in short spoiled 🙂 After visiting the 5000m² store spread over 2 floors, and discovering the thousands of pieces each more desirable than the other, we didn't really expect the opening to the public. 12:15 pm the doors open, and the store has been submerged by a raging human wave, worse than a first day of sales!!!! The result of the looted shelves, a delighted clientele, and very, very patient salesmen. We left with arms full of bags full to bursting and a smiling bank account. Even my banker wanted to congratulate me. For those who didn't have the chance to go there I let you discover the pictures, and you I show you my purchases very quickly 😉 I give you some kisses, the favourites
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