Special sale shopping!

A few days before the sales, the fashionistas are in the starting block, many of you have already done their little scouting. But after one Christmas our little savings have been slapped, to avoid scattering, we look in his dressing room and shoot smart. Before going into the sales jungle and getting caught with a buyer's fever, here are 5 essential fashions to shoot during the sales! A sale obviously means a good deal. It's time to choose a good pair of quality jeans that you won't get tired of. We prefer straight cuts and rough shades that will make it the ideal basic. If you like worked jeans, you choose a nice destroy, casual but not too neglected, you will enjoy it more easily.

blazer selection

Same logic, always looking for good basics that will follow in time. The male blazer is like the little black dress of the day. An essential piece, goes everywhere, which immediately structures the silhouette and can be worn with jeans and sneakers, as well as a skirt and pumps. The sales are therefore just in time to find the little wonder you will never leave!

Fur selection

This winter's big trend, seen on all the fashionable models, they will still be desired next season, anticipate and take advantage of the low prices to flash on a fur jacket. And then, given the current temperatures, you will still enjoy it for a few more months 😉 Another little something desirable for which we easily fall in love, lingerie! Triangles and fine lace are ultra-trendy. A fashionable detail to let go of a fluid top. Nice deals in sight at Etam and Undiz. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to do business on the leading models of the moment. Forget the Stan Smith, Air force one or other Converse, classic and timeless sneakers are rarely sold out. On the other hand, you can find more extravagant models, at prices that are sometimes very affordable, the opportunity to buy a pair that is out of the ordinary. For the southerners, the Nike factory of Plan de Campagne and Valentine offer dozens of models at discount prices. With this impossible selection to miss the right deal, be ready for the sales to start on January 7th, at your CBs, shoot!!!!!! I kiss you and find you very quickly for a new look in a new blog ^^ Good week ^!
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