Summertime Sadness

September has arrived, without even realizing it, we are on the eve of the start of the school year. It is the end of the holidays, the sun that burns the skin, aperitifs to rosé, barbecues.... Okay, I'm done here, I'm depressed!!!!! But who says back home, says new things, and on the dressing room side there have been some pretty things that have happened 🙂 This year, is a year without specific plans, without exams, just a year to invest myself in my passion, and find the job of my dreams. And even if I work in parallel, I will devote more time to blogging. So I start my fashion season today, with a relaxed look on this still sunny Sunday 🙂 A dress that my Mom found me in a small shop in Turkey, and my jeans jacket that I love even if I don't wear it often. I customized it myself, I had posted the DIY here, on the old blog. Otherwise I am preparing the opening of my empty dressing room and I have some nice projects that will soon see the light of day. Here I have told you everything, I kiss you, see you sooooon !
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