The girl who loved the sun

We take the same ones and start again! Because I'm in love with my new shoes, and because they must be worn with chic pieces, I decided to take out my blazer!!!! And then I must admit that I wasn't planning on spending so much time in the south, so I didn't take so much stuff with me... As I went out to dinner, (yes, I like it very much to say that hahahaaaa), I took the opportunity to wear my new dress found at H&M. I flashed on its straight cut and its fluorescent details but especially its price, 17€ it is given!!!!!!!! On my way to the restaurant I stopped to greet the sun with a walk on the beach. You know it since my exile in Lyon I was sorely lacking in warmth 🙂 It's time to tell you I'm going back to Marseille for the next six months, until my next adventure!!! I kiss you and send you sunshine
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