Welcome 2019!

At the dawn of this new year I would like to wish you the best of luck. May this year 2019 be filled with joys and new opportunities, may it be the year that will see your dreams come true. As every January 1st, I take stock of these past 365 days, and this time it is different. I have just come out of the most difficult year of my life, it was full of trials, doubts, tears and sometimes even such sharp pains that I fell to the ground. But there was above all love, a lot of love, support and some great joys. I feel like I've been through a long night and I can see the first signs of dawn heralding one of those beautiful days in May. Every challenge we face in our lives is a lesson, a chance too. A chance to learn, grow, change and find oneself. My assessment is simple and unquestionable, this year 2014 has changed, transformed and strengthened me. I am no longer afraid of the future, I am no longer moving forward alone, and I know that the best is yet to come. It is infallible, almost mathematical, after the rain the good weather. So, my kittens, whatever this year 2014 has put you through, no matter how much pain and litres of tears you shed, open yourself to this new year that is beginning. Love and say it, dream, travel, meet, exchange, live each day as if it were your last, do not give yourself up to mediocrity and ease and try to get the stars! I would also like to thank you for the fact that more and more of you are following me here, on Facebook or Instagram, thank you for your comments and exchanges that we have, your little words or simple "I like" encourages me to continue this blog. It's funny, keeping a fashion blog is like a digital retrospective of your looks, and behind every picture posted and every article written there are memories, moments of life, still images that seal my fashion faux pas as well as my moods! Today, I hope, I am entering a new professional life where I see how fashion and digital communication my daily life will be. This blog, this small web space, my home, and you who come to visit me have influenced my choices, my life, and put on my path some very beautiful encounters... Today, with this new year starting, I want to write a new page, to go further. This blog will be transformed, turned more towards you, with more regular posts and richer content I hope, if you have been here recently you have already discovered the fashion and beauty articles I write for the online newspaper Gomet', and the topic buttons in the right menu. Have some more patience, the big change will take place in a few days, new name and new design I look forward to introducing you this new baby!!!! In the meantime, I leave you with the Instagram photos that you preferred this year, still full of happiness and love! Send you kisses.
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