5 essential make-up essentials

Today we talk about beauty on the blog, I present you my 5-essential make-up for the summer to put in his suitcase, direction the holidays! Hello children, holiday time is approaching for the luckiest of you, and this year I have the chance to leave! As a result of this great anguish in front of the suitcase, which beauty products are taken on holiday, scrubs, creams and other treatments are automatically taken on board, but for the make-up we take what? You know I'm not a relentless foundation, flashy eye shadows, and other flashy lipsticks. My summer beauty routine is very simple, and above all fast. Personally, I prefer to sleep 20min more in the morning than try a contouring at 6h30. In short, it must be fast (you don't spend your holidays in a bathroom!), and it has to be light on your face and in your suitcase! Here are my 5 essential make-ups that I'm taking on for the holidays 😉

BB Magic Nude Cream

In winter I use foundation that I apply on a base, in summer with the tanned complexion that the sun gives us, we can rely on a lighter product. L'Oréal's BB Magic Nude Cream is my favourite product this season on the make-upside. It is easy to apply because it is very fluid, its microbeads contain pigments that match your complexion, resulting in a matte complexion, covered imperfections but above all a skin that breathes and a bare skin effect. Important with this heat if you don't want everything to break before the end of the aperitif. And like any good BB cream it is multi action, moisturizes, illuminates, unifies and protects from UV rays just like that! In short 1min for an even and natural complexion.

Terracotta Guerlain

Well there we are almost all agree, this little wonder looks good in only 2min in summer and winter. Dew and iridescent this sun powder are my essential make-up. I mean, on koh lanta it's her I'll take with me to look clean in front of the cameras at the council. Oops, I'm getting lost! However, it should not be abused, at the risk of looking like a pumpkin. Too much is not enough, we apply on the forehead, cheekbones, chin and tip of the nose, nothing more, just to bring light to strategic areas. I use the Terracotta N°5 Sun Brunettes.

Naked 2 Urban Decay pallet

Desirable object seen on many blogs and Instagram accounts; these Naked Palettes were a bit the product to have. Distributed at Sephora, I then wanted to know why this craze, demonstration of the make-up artist. Pigments that are easy to work with, visible, and hold well. Ok on the spot I fell in love especially for the packaging, a golden iron box, and its brush inside an asset for the vagrants that we are. So, I chose the Naked 2 a range of golden and brown shades, warm and natural shades that perfectly match brunettes and wake up brown eyes. Easy and chewy smocky make up without making tons of them perfect for a dinner by the sea.
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