Composition and lithotherapeutic virtues of diamond stone

diamond stone

Previously regarded as a symbol of love, innocence, purity, faithfulness, and relationships full of love, diamonds have been labelled as love-bearing stones over the years. It is, therefore, not a surprise that they are included in wedding bands and engagement rings. Visit to learn more about diamond’s litho therapy virtues and composition.

In addition to acting as symbols of a loving relationship, diamonds boast a deep spiritual meaning, thanks to their brilliance, purity and rarity. Composed of pure carbon and formed many years ago, diamonds have been repeatedly used to open the mind and the possibilities. The sheer act of believing that a diamonds reflection and illumination will inspire ingenuity and imagination in its wearer brings fortitude, courage and strength.

Diamond’s Therapeutic Virtues in Litho Therapy

Litho therapy originates from two Greek words, lithos (stone) and therapeia (care). According to the two Greek words, lithotherapy simply means a caring technique that utilizes stones. Also, it means that it provides the benefits of various methods, such as meditation, massage, energy bodies and auric cleansing with healing characteristics.

Lithotherapy is a unique medication mode that uses colours and energy from a couple of natural stones and crystals. Notably, different cultures use different crystals and minerals in multiple healing therapies. The country of origin and culture comes in handy in determining the stones to use. In ancient times, people used natural stone jewellery in ceremonies and rituals since it was believed to boost fertility and power.

The earliest Egyptians used to wear these natural stones to help them succeed in various endeavours. It also solved a few health problems, such as stomach aches. In the mid-years, alchemists employed the use of these precious gemstones to treat ailments. For example, some physicians used an emerald to treat liver conditions since it was green, like the bile juice colour. On the other hand, they used diamonds to relieve mental problems.

A Short History of Diamonds

Currently, diamonds are amongst the most potent natural stones in the world. These stones are beautiful. Their appeal comes down to the fact that they can reflect different types of coloured lights. Since their discovery in India around the 4th century, people get diamonds by mining as most are deposited roughly between 150 and 250 km below the earth’s surface.

If you need the unique types of diamonds, you need to dig up to 800 km below the surface. Besides being a highly sustainable stone, diamonds are hard, and that’s why they are formed in remarkably high pressure and heat conditions. It means that diamonds are also the most rigid stones to destroy. Diamonds, therefore, are perfect gemstones for designing jewellery as they can endure harsh conditions without having to worry about them losing integrity or being destroyed.

The other notable characteristic of diamonds is that they are initially hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. With these stones, you will not have to worry about staying wet or retaining water whenever they encounter moisture. The best thing about this feature is that it enhances durability and sustainability. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that these stones are superbly lipophilic.

In simple terms, it means they dissolve when you immerse them in fats. So, keep your diamonds away from oils if you want them to remain new. While they are hardly available on earth, diamonds are abundantly available in space due to the favourable conditions.

What are the Advantages of Lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is linked to countless benefits. First, it assists in fostering harmony between different body elements while revitalizing and energizing the entire being. Second, it helps treat various conditions like emotional blockage, tension and other issues linked to negative energies. Treating these problems helps protect your body against potential ailments and renew the energy that you might have lost due to the conditions.

As a type of therapy, lithotherapy helps boost inner strengthening, self-knowledge, and awakening the spiritual and physical energies and virtues within your body. Usually, different gemstones consist of different energetic vibrations, which are often associated with their chemical colour and compositions. It means that if you either wear a stone in its natural form or place it in a room, it offers energy that contains different impacts based on who is wearing it.

Diamonds’ Therapeutic Virtues

Diamonds boast countless healing abilities, and that’s the main reason people use them in lithotherapy. If you aren’t aware, keep in mind that diamonds symbolise purity, primarily due to its pure white colour. In ancient times, the traditional healers alleged that diamonds could bring people’s lives into a unified setup.

This valuable stone is proven to bring forth clarity and love within partnerships and relationships. They are seen as a stone of fulfilment because they will help you fulfil your dreams and desires. People have used them for centuries as a type of energy purifier, thanks to their associated element of purity.

They also come in handy in enhancing endurance and strength, especially for various energies within your body. Diamonds work by boosting power like other gemstones. As if this is not enough, some people associate diamonds with fidelity and commitment. They assist in imparting the trust element in situations and relationships, in addition to helping you lure an abundance of manifestation.

These gemstones are an incredible source for hindering electromagnetic stress and mental pain. They function by lowering fear, which is the leading cause of these problems. Diamonds will initiate a new beginning and hence help people in forgetting the past, stress and feat. These stones also help enhance a broad sense, ingenuity and creativity. They accomplish this feat by bringing your mind to a clear state and enlightenment, hence improving inventiveness.

Diamonds help in spiritual evolution as they remind the wearers more about their soul aspirations. Thus, they enable the soul to thrive and shine. These gemstones have also been linked to detoxifying and purifying benefits. They assist in revamping balance to your body’s metabolism via elements such as strength building and stamina.

If you have allergies and chronic problems, you might consider diamonds to help in conditions such as sight issues and glaucoma. Other situations where you can use these stones include dizziness, vertigo, amongst other brain-related problems. Lithotherapy specialists believe that diamonds are beneficial in counteracting poisoning effects.

In addition, diamonds promote spiritual invisibility, meaning this stone can help to boost your courage and strength if you have it around you as it makes you feel pretty invisible. You may enhance your self-worth and feel free if you use diamonds during meditation. To start with, the yellow stones are linked to a wide variety of therapeutic virtues. So, you can foster thoughtfulness in yourself by putting on yellow diamonds. Besides, yellow stones create a great relationship with partners and other people who may be around you.

The healing value contained in the blue diamonds, on the other hand, comes in handy in promoting willpower strengthening. It also fosters individuals to maintain their health. Although it may not directly help treat and heal sicknesses, it encourages you to take care of yourself and thus eliminate specific diseases. For example, you may be finding it hard to quit sugar. To solve this situation, blue diamonds may be your solution as they will help you overcome the menace.

Pink is linked to creative expression, and it helps you become inventive and imaginative. It’s, thus, a preferred colour for the creatives, such as musicians and artists. The experts associate black with courage, and it helps you in assessing circumstances without any illusion. Generally, it offers you the courage to solve major things without worrying.

How to Use Diamonds in Lithotherapy?

There are a couple of ways in which you can use these gemstones in lithotherapy. First, you can eradicate kidney stones by placing the stones around the lower back area. These stones may be placed on the skull, whereby they help in ensuring the skeletal system has the perfect alignment. Putting on the stone as an earing may help to boost the communications from the higher chakras.

These gems tend to act as a link between chakras and thus the communication pros. If you put on jewellery designed from a natural stone around the heart, you will benefit from the diamond’s incredibly high vibration frequency. Also, you may consider placing these stones strategically at different sections of your house to create positive energy and create perfect relations between the people residing in the room.

Remember that diamonds are seen as exceptionally powerful, meaning they are sufficiently strong to intensify the healing properties contained in other stones. For example, they come in handy in accumulating and balancing the energies offered by stones. It means that if you have a couple of precious stones in your room, you can use diamonds to increase their energies.

Couples also exchange diamonds as a typical form of purity and companionship within their relationship. This is one reason why the ancient people used this stone in events, such as engagements between couples.

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