The Christmas of L’Occitane

December! December! As the Christmas season approaches, there is an appointment that I will not miss for anything in the world, the Christmas of L'Occitane. Sweet delicacies and scents of Provence, discovering their new range designed by Pierre Hermé. Christmas holidays are approaching, the time to meet up with my family, at my parents' house in the heart of Provence. If you have been following me for some time now, you know my affection for the cosmetics brand made in the south. L'Occitane is a range of natural products, modern packaging and skin care products with a reassuring scent. The Madeleine de Proust of my beauty rituals. A long-time partner, whom I am always delighted to meet again at girly parties. An evening full of good humour and surprises. I left with my arms full of packages. In addition to having the chance to test the Pamplemousse-Rhubarbe eau de toilette, I had the chance to leave with my favorite product. Obviously, it is the day cream Fleurs de Lumière Immortelle that I have chosen. An essential part of my beauty ritual. Moisturizing and smoothing, it unifies and illuminates time. I am addicted to its fresh gel texture and fragrance. To celebrate Christmas, L'Occitane also gave me their sublime Advent calendar! A limited-edition victim of its success (sold out). 25 small windows behind which hide mini products and cute things of all kinds. I'm like a child and open my first one this morning. In fact, I will share my surprise every day via Snapchat[@elodie_mode], just to count with you the days between now and Christmas! Hearts on you.
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