How to choose the right colours for your silk square?

The silk square is a fashion accessory that has taken on a new look and continues to offer a plus for your look. Whether in a scarf, scarf or stole, everyone wants one. But which colour should you choose for your silk fabric? What colour should I wear for each season?

The ideal silk scarf colour for women

The silk scarf is very popular nowadays for its chic and discreet look. It is also an easy-to-wear accessory that matches most clothing styles. Moreover, silk is a soft and elegant material. To wear it without any fashion faux pas, it is recommended to choose a scarf that has fullness and volume. As for colour, you can choose a woman's silk square in a plain colour or turn to more vivid colours such as blue or pink. If you are more of a classic style, opt for a white, black or even a bubbling khaki silk square. To have more charm, you can choose a silk square in pattern or printed. You can adopt the style you want with it.

The ideal silk scarf colour for men

A silk scarf is an ornament that can give a man more style and elegance. If you prefer timeless colours, choose a silk scarf in a navy, black, brown, beige, beige, and different shades of khaki. It is quite possible to turn to a scarf with patterns opposite to the outfit. In this case, it is preferable that the latter be of a solid colour. In this sense, you can choose a red, white, polka dot or striped scarf. Always to play with colours, you can make a colour reminder with other accessories, such as your belt or your shoes. To enhance the fashion side, it is recommended to opt for a coloured check or tagelmust. If you prefer a scarf, choose a pleated one to have a buffet style. If, on the other hand, you want to add more charm to your outfit, opt for a scarf with a pretty design and a colourful finish.

The ideal silk scarf colour for every season

It is important to always be in the era of time when it comes to your silk square. In summer, it is advisable to choose a red scarf. This colour evokes your effervescence, vitality and energy. Moreover, it is linked to the somewhat mysterious side of femininity and passion. However, you should not wear a lot of red in your outfit. This may be somewhat irritating. During this season, you can also wear yellow. This sunny and exuberant colour makes you look like a person who wants to achieve perfection. On the other hand, yellow is joyful, bright and stimulating. In addition, you can opt for an orange colouring that will highlight your emotional side and give you spiritual serenity. It is important to know that orange is the colour of cheerfulness. In this way, it can fight depression and give good mood. For winter, you can wear a blue silk scarf that is related to a dreamy and contemplative temperament. In addition, this colour is relaxing and fresh. It is recommended to encourage inspiration and give a boost to creativity. Green, on the other hand, can highlight your flexible temperament. If you choose this colour, others will see you as a positive and optimistic person. This colour is ideal for balance, serenity and concentration. Purple, on the other hand, gives a touch of diplomacy and elegance. This colour is known to involve a spiritual approach while promoting calm. If you are rather discreet by nature, it is recommended to choose the different shades of brown or neutral colours such as honey, chocolate, cream or coffee. You should know that these colours are elegant and simple while remaining timeless. By choosing white, you highlight your spiritual serenity and wisdom. This colour is the symbol of sincerity and purity. As for the colour black, it highlights caution and the need to be organized. However, for a successful look, you can dare to mix colours according to your desires and tastes without overdoing it.

The ideal colour for a women's silk stole

It may be in your habit to orient yourself towards dull or neutral colours to play in sobriety. Of course, it is a good choice, but for certain special occasions, it is necessary to choose fashion accessories, such as a silk stole, in colour to give a touch of originality to your outfit. Most of the time, a woman wears a silk stole at a wedding. For the bride, she must wear a white wedding silk stole or a raw stole matching her dress. If you are a guest, you can have a wide choice of colours. In this sense, you can choose fuschia, orange or turquoise to have a chic side and give pep to your look. In addition, to choose the right pigmentation for your stole, you must base yourself on several criteria including the colour of your hair, the colour of your complexion, and your colour habits. If you have trouble finding the one that suits you best, simply put the fabric near your face. As a result, you can see how it reacts with your eyes, mouth, skin and hair. Even if they are very small details, you must pay attention to them because they will be of great help in choosing the colour of the silk stole.
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