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The #RUNSUPYOGA organized by Roxy, was held this weekend in Marseille. A girly day dedicated to sport and good humour! Hello girlfriends! Today an article to tell you about the #RUNSUPYOGA, a day dedicated to sport and women. Organized by Roxy on the beaches of Prado to celebrate the summer and the brand's 25th anniversary. Remember we told you about it here, with Les Blogueuses du Sud we were partners of the event, some lucky readers were even able to participate! A look back at a crazy day. A few weeks ago, my friends from Les Blogueuses du Sud and I received a nice email, an invitation for the #RUNSUPYOGA by Roxy. Okay, let's calm down, breathe and read again (for the 3rd time the said email!). Roxy was one of my favorite brands when I was a teenager and a skater on the edges, we have a whole past that's fine, and even today she remains in my favorites. The world of surfing, the world of the sea, girls with hair in the wind and tanned skin, a source of inspiration for the Marseillaise that I am! Although it is difficult to surf in the Mediterranean (although), Roxy offered us a great program, yoga on the beach, 5km run and introduction to Sup Paddle, in short even with the flu I would not have left my place.

Yoga on the beach.

Sunday morning, 7:30 am the alarm clock rings (editor's note: yes, it's unlikely to write Sunday, alarm clock and 7:30 am in the same sentence, especially for me), it stings a little bit the eyes, but I'm highly motivated. Meet me at 8:30 am on the beach for a giant yoga class where I meet my friends Manon, Amélie and Maria. At the entrance, each participant receives her Roxy kit including the bib, a cap and a matching small backpack, we are spoiled! Hundreds of girls are waiting for the beginning of the course, an atmosphere of summer camp reigns over the pretty blue towels offered by Roxy. We chat, take pictures, meet other girls, and warm up quietly under the sun's rays. 9:00 am the class starts, our teacher of the day, a pretty blonde in Roxy's outfit, starts her yoga class in Sanskrit, one of India's official languages. From the very first minutes, we understand that this course, although relaxing, will not be easy. The positions follow one another, we wiggle in all directions trying to keep up with the rhythm and holding back a laugh when we see our towel neighbour with her buttocks in the air. A course of more than 45min confirmed level, sporting and physical! Slight disappointment on this side, I started yoga a few months ago, I am beginner and flexible as a beam, but even with a minimum of knowledge it was difficult to follow. An initiation session would have been perfect. For my part, this course motivated me to continue and push the training for a day to master Virabhadrasana without blinking.

La Run.

After this collective Yoga session, it is time for the competitors to start the race. A 5km run by the sea. 850 overmotivated competitors took the start shortly after 10am, the first prize? A year of sponsoring Roxy, it must be said that it motivates! Having a slight pain in my knee and a small flémingite, I decided to stay on the beach with the pretty Manon to enjoy the sun and encourage Maria, Amélie and our readers. 17 minutes after the start, the first runner crosses the finish line, a feat! On the side of the Bloggers of the South it is Maria who impresses us by finishing the run in only 30 minutes we applaud!

Introduction to Sup Paddle.

The runners recovered from their emotions and hydrated, we decided to go eat a bite to regain our strength! To wait until Sup Paddle class, we lazed in the sun, feet in the water. 3:30 pm the class starts, but what exactly is the sup paddle? Yoga on a paddle. Just that! On the sand, we meet Parisian bloggers you probably know Vanessa from the 1 cupboard for 2 blog and the sweet Coralie, editor of the Ellesenparlent blog, who, although impatient, didn't seem very reassured. It must be said that in the south, we are more used to this type of nautical activity than our colleagues in the Capital. So, it is on sublime Roxy boards that we set out to sea and paddle a few minutes to settle back from the swimmers. Under a blazing sun, and with "small" friendly waves our pretty instructor teaches us the tricks. Like those seen in the morning, but combined with the movements of the water, they become even more difficult. Some of them have even fallen into the water, out of friendship I will keep the names secret, what happens on the paddle, stays on the paddle! A great day, full of emotions, full of encounters and surprises! Roxy saw things big, and made us live an incredible experience, immersed in the brand's universe. To top it off, the brand offered each of the bloggers present a complete set of equipment. Matching shorts, bra and tank top, a real sports outfit, and a magnificent swimsuit to play the naiad in the waves. I'm crazy about it, do you like it? So, I look forward to the next edition. I really enjoyed this day spent with my friends, doing various physical activities. An organization without false notes, in a friendly atmosphere, under the sun of Marseille. A big thank you to Roxy and all the staff for this welcome and see you next year!
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