Marseille on the Seine

Hello, girls ! Today a special post look, a duo look! It's been a while since I wanted to do a mixed look with darling. It is the very young brand Marseille sur Seine that gives us the opportunity, with a shooting of its very first collection. A series of photos taken on the pontoons of the Old Port, a pretty setting, the light at the end of the day and matching sweaters are the ingredients for this great moment immortalized here. Marseille sur Seine, was born from the imagination of Hortense, a young Parisian woman who has been exiled for more than 2 years in the Phocaean city. Seduced by the boiling energy of Marseille, she settles down in 2012 and seeks to create a brand that represents the spirit of La Belle. The result is a trendy, casual and a bit chauvinistic line. Made of organic cotton, the T-shirts bear the names of the most famous districts in Marseille, Endoume, Belsunce, or even St Barnabé. If yours is not yet there, let yourself be tempted by one of the calligraphied punchlines, Apéro, Canlanques or Bikini Chéri. Boyfriend wears the Football religion T-shirt model and the embroidered blue sweatshirt, when I chose the off-white Sweatshirt and the pretty mottled Calanques T-shirt. A nice meeting, a nice collection and the desire to share with you this good time with boyfriend. If you like the collection, don't hesitate to contact the sparkling Hortense via Facebook or Instagram, for the moment they are being distributed in droves, still a few patients the shop is on the way. I kiss you and wish you a good week, I will meet you tomorrow for a sale selection, at a low price.
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