How to protect your hair from various aggressions?

Like the skin, hair is continuously exposed to external aggressions all year round. They need to be wrapped, nourished and repaired to keep their hair looking beautiful. Try monoï oil, the beauty icon of Polynesian women, to save your hair.

The aggressions suffered by the hair

To better protect your hair, you must first become aware of the risks to which it is exposed. In summer, hair is exposed to UV rays. You can protect them by wearing a hat. If you want to swim in the water, consider wearing a bathing cap. It protects them from water, salt and chlorine. In winter, hair is exposed to wind and humidity. Always be sure to dry them thoroughly before leaving with a hair dryer in cold mode. If so, your hair will be damaged and broken. But these precautions are not enough in themselves. Prevent and repair the effects of aggressions by using monoï hair. This Tahitian oil is obtained by macerating the Tahitian flowers called tiare.

How to use monoï oil on your hair?

To protect hair from external aggressions, you can use Tahiti Monoi every day. It can be applied to dry hair by putting a few drops on the ends. You don't need to rinse. Your hair will be shinier. Then it can be used on damp hair. You can use the monoi as a hair mask to be made once a week. Spread the oil evenly over the entire hair. You can leave it on for 30 minutes or even overnight before washing your hair. This technique has the advantage of nourishing the hair in depth, protecting the hair fibre and restoring volume to the hair. Your hair is brighter, livelier and more supple.

What are the other virtues of monoi?

In addition to the hair monoi, this oil has many other benefits on the body. Polynesian women have understood this well. They use it to moisturize their skin. Simply apply a small amount of hazelnut all over the skin, even on the face, and massage gently. Monoï oil has soothing properties to repair the epidermis after sun damage. It is recommended to use the oil on wet skin for better penetration. Then they use it to make a scrub. The oil must be mixed with sand to obtain an exfoliating action on the body. This product removes dead skin and helps cells to regenerate. Finally, this oil can be used in massage for a relaxing effect.
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