Moment Fish Spa

Momentfishspa. A Fish pedicure without an appointment in the heart of Marseille. An unforgettable massage, and beautiful feet is the beauty item of the week. This weekend, I took advantage of the softness of the end of the day to walk in the shaded alleys of the Basket. Maria took me to discover an unusual Spa, in the heart of this district that I love so much. The Momentfishspa, a spa that uses fish to cleanse and regenerate your body, feet in this case. The first to launch the concept in Marseille, it was first during the Julien course that the Spa was opened. Curious, and never having had the opportunity to try this practice from Asia, I remove my sandals and go rinse my feet to dive into the jar. In pools illuminated with blue, dozens of small fish are frantically agitated. A Turkish species, which unlike those used in Asia, do not have teeth. A suction cup action, which, combined with the effect of their saliva, drains and activates blood circulation and cell regeneration. A relaxing and stimulating treatment at the same time, perfect to relax after 48 hours in bed with my back completely blocked. Ok at first, it's not easy to put your feet in the bath, let's go! The water is warm, don't panic, dozens of small quivering fish are active around me, it tickles, but it's nice! After a few minutes, the fish massage is felt, like little electric waves, you feel your legs becoming light again. At the end of the session, your feet are soft, clean and free of dead skin, ready for a nice pedicure. A great experience lived between girlfriend, super well received and the desire to come back very soon! I let you discover the photos and invite you to test them
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