Permanent eyebrow make-up: what are the advantages?

Eyebrows are part of the gaze sphere. In your beauty routine every morning, you must draw your eyebrows to perfection to enhance the look and illuminate the entire face. Hair removal is the technique used by women until now. Now, more durable solutions exist so you no longer must draw your eyebrows by hand. This is the permanent make-up that is known by different names such as the dermo pigmentation technique.

What is dermo pigmentation?

You can redesign your eyebrows by removing unwanted hair with hair removal. However, this technique does not allow hair to be added. Fortunately, there is permanent make-up to create the illusion of an eyebrow with a perfect line. This is not possible, however, if your eyebrows are sparse. The same technique allows you to have a full eyebrow. Eyebrow dermo pigmentation is a kind of non-permanent tattoo. It consists in tattooing the eyebrow area to implant the pigment. Micro-needles are used to penetrate the surface layer of the skin to tattoo it. Eyebrow pigmentation consists of two distinct steps. The first is used to tattoo eyebrows. The second is a readjustment or correction of the pigmentation.  It takes 3 to 4 weeks between the two interventions. You can find out more about to discover the different offers for permanent eyebrow make-up. It should be noted that this is an ephemeral tattoo. The outfit varies from one institute to another and is on average 2 years after which a touch-up must be done.

In which cases should eyebrow pigmentation be used?

All women dream of having beautiful eyebrows to highlight the look. The eyebrow micropigmentation technique allows you to do this. A beautiful eyebrow is made up of two very different parts. The first part from the corner of the eye to the break must represent two thirds of the eyebrow. The second part, which runs from the break to the tip, must represent one third of the eyebrow. The tracing then depends on the physiognomy of each person. A beauty professional will find the eyebrow style that best suits your face. Eyebrow tattooing is more effective than depilation. If the latter only removes a part of your eyebrows, the first one helps to correct it in all directions. You can remove or add volume to your eyebrow. On one side, you can add hair on a sparse eyebrow to intensify the look. On the other hand, an asymmetrical eyebrow can be corrected to draw a perfect line. The professional may have to remove or add hair in certain areas.

What are the different eyebrow tattoo techniques?

You have the choice between three permanent eyebrow make-up techniques. First, there is the micropigmentation of the eyebrows hair by hair which ensures a very soft look. This method gives the illusion of natural eyebrows. It is a discreet make-up with a rather soft effect. In the end, you get a naturally irregular contour. We recommend this technique if your eyebrows are sparse. Secondly, there is the dermo pigmentation of the eyebrows by shading. It is the most fashionable technique to obtain a darker and more regular eyebrow. Unlike the natural effect of a hair-by-hair tattoo, this one gives a make-up effect. Nevertheless, it is more durable than traditional make-up. You get a denser, clearer eyebrow. You are free to choose the gradient line and correct your eyebrow that lacks relief or is poorly defined. Third, you can combine both techniques to combine precision and realism.
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