Steam power plants: choose the right one thanks to a comparison

When it comes to home maintenance, we are always confronted with household tasks in our daily lives. Whether it's washing dishes, laundry, cleaning or ironing, no one can escape these chores. Fortunately, with the arrival of household appliances in the home, these household tasks are becoming less and less constraining. For some of them, there are devices that make work easier. But for ironing, the iron does not really allow you to do the chore quickly and easily. Indeed, it is necessary to fill the tank each time to remove the folds. In addition, this machine has a low flow rate, which is why it takes hours to finish a pile of laundry.  To remedy this, steam power plants are a fast and efficient solution for ironing any type of laundry. All you have to do is choose your steam plant carefully.

Steam power plant: equipment that will meet all needs

If you want your clothes to always be perfect and well ironed, it is crucial to choose a high-performance ironing machine. Equipping yourself with a steam plant is the best solution for all households that do not have enough time to do this chore. The market currently offers several models with different options and features. This makes it very important to select the right product, i.e. the one that best meets your expectations. Compared to the traditional iron, the steam plant is a more functional equipment that allows you to spare your efforts during its use. Efficient and fast, this device makes work easier. This ironing device consists of a soleplate and a water tank that can hold up to 1.5 litres, depending on the model. It is this liquid that produces the vapour to effectively unfold clothes. It is an equipment that meets all needs, because it is possible to set the steam power according to the type of fabric. There are also models with a pressing function to remove wrinkles without having to put the laundry on a table. To carry out your ironing work, you can for example choose a Philips steam plant model that ensures excellent ironing quality. The model benefits from OptimalTemp technology, which is a system without adjustment and anti-limestone.

Compare to find the best device

Before buying a steam plant, it is strongly recommended to make a comparison in order to know which type of product is best suited to you. Now, several models are available on the market and choosing the right steam plant is not so easy. For the comparison, there are a few elements to consider. First, the pressure and flow rate must be checked. These options may vary from one model to another. For ecological reasons, the power expressed in Watt is no longer part of the criteria to be compared. Rather, it is necessary to focus on pressure in bar and flow rate in g/min. For these two elements, the higher the number, the better the device will be. About the flow rate in particular, the ideal solution is to iron with 100g/min. But it is smarter to choose a steam plant with a higher flow rate to be able to iron all types of laundry. Secondly, the tank is also an element to be compared. In addition to the capacity of each model, it is important to see if the tank is removable or not. Note that the tank's autonomy depends on its capacity. The most efficient device is the one with unlimited autonomy, i. e. the tank can be filled in the middle of the ironing process without letting the device cool down or taking a break. In addition, the dimensions of the device must be compared. Indeed, steam generators are often cumbersome. To obtain a perfectly ironed laundry, it is also recommended to buy a machine equipped with a good quality iron. The latter must slide easily on the surface to be unfolded. And to finish the comparative steam plant, it is better to use a device with an antilimestone system. Indeed, the presence of limestones can interfere with the operation of the equipment.

Steam power plant: what are the advantages?

Using a steam plant instead of a conventional iron offers a multitude of advantages. At first glance, the steam comes from a generator separate from the equipment. It is issued more quickly and in large quantities. In addition, high throughput can improve the efficiency of ironing. This saves more time, as a single iron pass is enough to remove wrinkles. The high pressure of the steam plant also makes it possible to quickly smooth even the thickest fabrics. And that's not all, because this tool is easy to use and handle because of its lighter weight. Indeed, most models weigh about 1.5 kilos. Ironing chores are therefore less tiring. In addition, models with additional features such as vertical unfolding can be found, which allows a garment to be unfolded without removing it from the hanger. In short, the steam plant is a fast, efficient and practical ironing equipment. It can be used in homes, but also in hotels to iron sheets, blankets, curtains, etc.

Maintenance of a steam plant

The maintenance of this ironing equipment consists of cleaning and descaling the soleplate. If, when ironing, you notice that the device leaves brown or black marks on the laundry, or if the holes in the sole are blocked, it is imperative to descale the steam system. To do this, make sure the unit is disconnected. Then fill the tank to ¾ and gently shake the tank in a circular motion before discarding the water. This operation must be repeated until clear water is obtained. It is also possible to use sparkling water if the steam plant is very dirty and finish rinsing with mineral water. The particularity of a philips steam plant is that the unit is equipped with a maintenance-free sole. The device adapts to any temperature and the sole does not blacken.
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