The perfume Portrait of a Lady: an olfactory masterpiece

Grandson of the founder of perfumes Christian Dior, Frédéric Malle created his "perfume editions" in 2000 with the aim of offering perfumes designed by the greatest noses in the history of perfumery. Among them, Olivia Giacobetti, who has worked for many companies such as Diptyque and l'Artisan Parfumeur, Jean-Claude Ellena, perfumer at Hermès, and Dominique Ropion, master perfumer at the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) raw materials company. Like a literary publishing house, each perfume is signed by the perfumer who created it. Frédéric Malle leaves the initiative and opportunity to perfumers to create in complete freedom, which brings extreme originality to each creation of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. As by mutual agreement, all opted for a very creative writing, choosing high quality raw materials.

The perfume Portrait of a Lady

To compose Portrait of a Lady, Dominique Ropion had to make several attempts before delivering this olfactory masterpiece, which is undoubtedly one of his most beautiful creations. This richly dosed formula contains a high dose of Turkish rose oil, which is one of the rarest on the market, combined with top notes of benzoin and cinnamon and set against a background of sandalwood, musk, patchouli and incense. The perfume Portrait of a Lady is a perfume of a thousand and one nights and great Parisian parties at the same time. Dominique Ropion, a member of the world's elite in perfumery, likes to combine extremes to achieve unique balances. A particularly inventive man and an outstanding technician who introduces us to the high-quality French perfumery with a touch of modernity. Portrait of a Lady exists in different formats, the 30ml at 150€, the 50ml at 190€ and the 100ml at 275€. Feel free to discover this magnificent trail in the Nose boutique. My opinion on Portrait of a Lady Without a doubt, a success. An extremely elegant fragrance that blends perfectly with the skin and gradually reveals its floral oriental scent. Turkish rose appears quite quickly: an unparalleled freshness and intensity, releasing notes of musk and patchouli in balance with sandalwood. Although centred around rose, the fragrance is also adorned with spicy notes of cloves, cinnamon and incense. This perfume with a retro trail evokes the confident ladies you can meet in front of the cafés of Saint Germain des Prés in Paris. Their winter fur or silk scarf in summer remain impregnated with this perfume for many days, until it seduces or makes dependent the men who fall on it. Gifted with an excellent hold, this fragrance is worn like a real jewel, without the need to add any other accessories. An ode to the rose sublimated by an orchestra of refined chords, signed by one of the greatest perfumers of our time.
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