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Want to change your head? Cuts, tutorials, colours, here are the hair trends for this new school year 2015. To your scissors! The new school year brings its share of new features. Whether you need a radical change or just a fresh break to revive a cut that was damaged by this summer, here are 4 trendy hairstyles to tackle this new school year 2015 with a well-made head! Okay, minimal risk unless you have Rapunzel's hair. The mid-long is feminine, easy to style and has no apparent anxiety about our hairdresser's scissors. Below the shoulders, the hair is equalized (to death the gradient!!!!) and is natural. Forget the smooth Rachel ward, so 90. We prefer them wavy, crumpled, a bit wavy. Lazy? Half Bun is still trendy this autumn, the ally of difficult awakenings. In summer, more sophisticated hairstyles are often allowed. It must be said that with the holidays we have slightly more time to do a Barbie haircut. And then our hair is always more beautiful and so any attempt will be close to capillary success. For this autumn we opt for an asymmetrical plated braid. Easy and quick to make, it gives you a romantic look. Even Martine in accounting will find you hot. Untitled-1The fuzzy square. The square, even that name gives us anguish! We're going to have to cut (all that?!?!?!!). No more crazy manes in nightclubs, post-drunk makeshift buns, and plated ponytails to play Kim K at the office when in fact your hair is just dirty. Ultra-trendy this season, the fuzzy square is the It Hair of winter. No more smoothing iron, we wear it blurry for a rock look. Easy to maintain (5min drying time), the hair is slightly wrinkled with a texturizing serum. Hot, sexy, and on time for your appointments. Yes, that's why I cut mine off! No need to scream scandal, yes, grey is trendy. Carried by Hollywood stars, this nuance is beginning to invade the heads of the little people. And why not? After the mermaid trend with meth, why not borrow Granny's colour? Okay, I'm warning you, it's a difficult nuance to get. Choose a good colourist! Yes, ma'am, grey is cute, but it's a problem. Bleaching (yes, the hair will be white!), then patina, then adapted shampoo and care to be resold! In short, an ultra-trendy hairstyle, which for the moment really makes the difference, to be done after careful consideration.   What about you? Do you want to change your head in the fall?
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